Saturn South Energy Monitoring on Control4

Saturn South on Control4

Saturn South has partnered with Chowmain to bring the Saturn Energy product range to Control4. Chowmain's C4 driver enables effortless integration of Saturn South's switchboard power metering and switching technology with Control4 networks.

  • The Chowmain Control4 implementation includes the following features:
  • + Access to all reported metrics (Voltage, Current, Active/Reactive Power, Accumulated Energy, Power Factor, Frequency)
  • + Switch state set and toggle
  • + Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware updates
  • + Troubleshooting and Diagnostics Tools

How to Purchase

The Chowmain Control4 driver is available for purchase on the Chowmain website. For driver queries and technical support with Control4 installations, please contact Chowmain.

Saturn Energy hardware for use in Control4 systems can be purchased directly from Saturn South. Please contact us for more information.

Saturn South on Control4